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Position yourself for the future jobs in healthcare

Foreign medical professionals already play a major role in sustaining high-quality medical care carried out by medical facilities located in countries of the northern EU, such as Germany, Austria or Switzerland. Compass Health helps facilities and healthcare professionals come together and position themselves for the future.
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We add value – from all perspectives

Well-informed candidates & long-term commitments

The physicians and nursing professionals we recruit for you make a conscious decision to work for your facility. Thanks to the modular schedule of our recruitment and training concept, we manage to include elements that specifically address crucial information regarding your medical facility. It is through this extensive and detailed process that we manage to find professionals looking for a long-term commitment.

Excellent medical education

As the official UMCH placement service, we believe that education plays a major role in the development of medical professionals. When evaluating potential recruitment countries, we take great care in analyzing the local medical education system and corresponding academic curriculums. All the countries we choose to recruit from offer medical and nursing degrees similar in quality to the high standards in countries like Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Trained and experienced professionals

All physicians and nursing professionals undergo a background check, in which medical qualifications and working experiences are reviewed by our staff. This process enables us to provide medical facilities with candidates that are capable of adding value in form of medical expertise and skills from their previous medical trainings and professional experiences to the facility.

Taking all interests into consideration

Ironically, while medical facilities in countries such as Germany, Austria and Switzerland have trouble filling vacancies for medical professions, healthcare professionals from certain countries located in Eastern Europe, Asia and Latin America find themselves having difficulties looking for a suitable job in their local healthcare labor market. Compass Health therefore only recruits in countries where emigration accommodates the local labor market. Thus, the healthcare professional, their country of origin and the medical institution from a German-speaking country where they will ultimately be employed benefit from our service.

We are here for you. Let's get things done.

Compass Health’s range of services enables you to plan the future of your medical facility without worrying about staff bottlenecks or recruiting issues.

We offer medical facilities a pool of highly motivated team players, that want to add long-term value to your medical facility. We want to find out more about your staff needs and how we can help you. Let’s get in touch - let’s get things done.

Fill your vacancies now

Let our team advise you now without any commitments. We will solve your personnel problem by finding highly motivated physicians and nurses for you.

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Compass Health – Top personnel in no time at all

Recruiting and training medical professionals through Compass Health is not only convenient for our candidates, but also for you as a personnel manager of a medical institution. Just let us know which personnel needs we can help you with! We look forward to providing you with comprehensive and personal advice.

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